Kazuo Sugeno, President

Prof. Kazuo Sugeno born in 1943 took office from the 1st April 2013 as President of the Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training.

His specialty is Labour Law. His academic career began from the nomination as Associate Professor of University of Tokyo in 1968. Since then he had held prominent positions such as Professor in the Faculty of Law of University of Tokyo (1980-2004), Dean of the Faculty of Law of University of Tokyo (April, 2002-March, 2006) , Professor in the Graduate School of Law at Meiji University (2005-2009), Chairperson of the Labour Policy Council (2005-2009), Chairperson of the Central Labour Relations Commission (2006-2013), Member of the Japan Academy (2008-). He has been Professor Emeritus of University of Tokyo since 2004.

Internationally, he was Visiting Professor at Harvard Law School (1986-1987), and President of the International Society for Labour and Social Security Laws (2006-2009). He is now Honorary President of the Society. He was honored with Bob Hepple Award for Lifetime Achievement in Labour Law by Labour Law Research Network in June 2017.