The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
May 2018(No.694)
The Cost of Human Resource Development Borne by Higher Education Facilities: Leading the Next Generation

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Seeking a Discussion from Diversified Viewpoints
Shogo Ichikawa

ARTICLESAbstract May 2018(No.694) (PDF:405KB)

International Comparison of Higher Education Cost Sharing and Japanese Challenges
Masayuki Kobayashi
The Significance of New Grant Type Student Scholarship from the
Historical Viewpoint of the Japanese National Scholarship System
Yuji Shirakawa
A Review of Research on the Returns of Higher Education in Japan
Masakazu Hojo
Dispersing with Fees for Higher Education and the Possibility of the
Sector’s Reorganization
Kiyoshi Yamamoto
National University Corporations’ Changes in Revenue Structure and Their Missions
Kensuke Mizuta
Choosing Night and Weekend Courses: Campus Life and the
Opportunity of Building a Career
Masao Oshima


Side Job, Multiple Work, Telework and Aged Employment
Yasuo Suwa


Daiji Kawaguchi Japanese Labor Market: Economist’s Perspectives
Atsushi Seike


Seibert, S. E., L. D. Sargent, M. L. Kraimer, and K. Kiazad
“Linking Developmental Experiences to Leader Effectiveness and Promotability: The Mediating Role of Leadership Self-efficacy and Mentor Network”
Daiki Tanaka


Labor Economics and Data
Hiromi Hara

The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies

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