The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
December 2017(No.689)
SPECIAL ISSUE Increase of Dual-Earner Couples and Society

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Work Style Reform for Supporting Dual-Earner Couples
Junya Tsutsui

ARTICLESAbstract December 2017(No.689) (PDF:408KB)

Explaining Trends in Dual-Earner Couples in Japan, 1985-2016
Akiko Sato Oishi
The Division of Housework and Child Care between Dual-Earner Couples
Keiko Kubo
Family Budget Management of Dual-Earner Couples in the Tokyo Area
Keiko Tanaka
Naofumi Sakaguchi
Human Resources Management and Sogo-shoku Employees Shifting to Employees Working under Limited Conditions
Koichiro Imano
Increase of Dual-Earner Couples and Social Security
Sayaka Dake
Present Situation of the Housekeeping Support Services
Kana Takeda


Public-Private and International Comparison of Retirement Benefits
Kazuyoshi Koshiro


Kazuo Yamaguchi Gender Inequality in the Workplace:Theories and Empirical Analyse
Mayumi Nakamura


Hideo Owan Scientific Management of Human Resources with Applications to
Japanese Companies : Utilizing Data Based on Causal Inference
Kyota Eguchi


Giorgio Brunello and Lorenzo Rocco, “The Labor Market Effects of Academic and Vocational Education over the Life Cycle: Evidence Based on a British Cohort”
Megumi Oguro


Trends in the British Labor Market
Atsushi Sato

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The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies

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